venice architecture biennale: danish pavilion samples recent humanism in the country’s building style
all images courtesy of the danish architecture centre




at the 2016 venice architecture biennale, the danish architecture centre (DAC) has appointed boris brorman jensen and philosopher kristoffer lindhardt weiss to highlight the humanistic focus of danish design. for the country’s pavilion in the giardini della biennale, the curators invited a selection of danish architects and urban planners to present prototypes demonstrating projects that embody a humanistic approach. these schemes seek to both positively influence people’s behavior and promote a sense of community.

venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
the danish pavilion’s entrance at the venice architecture biennale 




there is broad consensus among architects that architecture should serve the people,’ explains boris brorman jensen and kristoffer lindhardt weiss. ‘however, there is not much agreement on how, when and by what means humanistic architecture should be created. we want to present a dynamic snapshot of danish architecture and urban planning, but we also intend to dig deeper. it is our ambition to explore, dissect and discuss some of the paradoxes and conflicts that come with a new humanism in contemporary architecture.’ 

venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
models are presented by architects and urban planners




‘boris brorman jensen and kristoffer lindhardt weiss worked together to create a dynamic universe that exhibits the diversity of innovative thinking and architectural development of new danish humanistic architecture,’ says kent martinussen, CEO, danish architecture centre. 


the danish biennale project is funded by the ministry of culture, realdania and the danish arts foundation’s committee for architecture grants and project funding.

venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
each prototype demonstrates current efforts to create an humanistic approach




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venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
the layout of the pavilion 

venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
visitors walk through elevated platforms 

venice architecture biennale danish pavilion
from the pavilion 


projects and architects inside the pavilion:

almenbolig+ (nordre fælledkvarter, robinielunden, signalgården, tømmergården) by: ONV & JAJA architects 

B&W student halls by:BCVA architecture

beyond luxury by: bessards’ studio

residential tower in antwerp by: C.F. møller architects in collaboration with brut architecture and urban design

brick house by: leth & gori

casas melhoradas – affordable housing in maputo by: johan mottelson and jørgen eskemose 

DOKK8000 by: colorcloudstudio

egedalsvænge, social housing by: WE architecture

public housing affected by people by: AI   

haiyan house by: jakob knudsen 

habour houses – the city in the building by: ADEPT 

HSB2023: social housing of the future by: C.F. møller architects

lungholm castle by: arkitektfirmaet merete lind mikkelsen

orangery by: lenschow and pihlmann + mikael stentröm 

roof house by: leth and gori

the place in the world, the body in space by: bo frost architects

the magoda project by: jakob knudsen 

UNIONKUL – STACK I and II by:  arcgency  

uptown nørrebro by: arkitema architects   

urban rigger by: kim loudrup and BIG

very social housing By: bessard’s studio and leth and gori


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