italian studio flt-office’s exploration of the needs of contemporary higher education has led to a conceptual ‘university campus’ for venice. accessed like any other island in the area, two small mooring areas carry guests and students via boat. a well-connected path leads around and through the campus, providing access to college buildings, an outdoor theatre, restaurant, and other public oriented areas.

venice university island flt-officestudents’ courtyard
images © flt-office




the island’s student housing consists of modular residential blocks focused toward the eastern side. pre-fabrication allowed the creation of of proper accommodations, and also flexibility to take on infrastructure in the future. ‘venice university island’ was designed by flt-office.

student housing 

campus aerial view

venice university island flt-office
master plan

‘auditorium building’

student housing development

venice university island flt-office
program plan



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