victor ortiz brings brazilian design to los angeles


New York-based studio Victor B. Ortiz Architecture has recently unveiled the design for this so-called California Residence. Set to be built near the scenic coast of Los Angeles, this dwelling will cover 850 square meters, its facade mirrored by a 90 square-meter swimming pool. The Brazilian architect has designed the dwelling to take shape with a curated program comprising two bedrooms, a spacious living and dining area, a dedicated office space, social and service kitchens, a spa, gym, and a five-car garage.

victor ortiz california
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a prairie home on the coast


The design precedent behind the California Residence is the distinctive ‘prairie house,’ which Victor B. Ortiz Architecture reinterprets for its coastal context. The evolution of the prairie-style house in the U.S. is commonly attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright through his homes in the vast, flat landscapes outside Chicago. Victor Ortiz has artfully integrated the style’s low and elongated layout to maximize views toward the ocean and the distant horizon. The design blurs the boundaries between the interiors and its surrounding garden, extending the living spaces outward with indoor landscaping and walls of full height glass.

victor ortiz california
Victor Ortiz Architecture reveals the California Residence, a home and swimming pool near LA’s coast



timber architecture for a sustainable spirit


Architect Victor Ortiz notes that the goal of the project is to create a connection with the coastal landscape of California with this prairie-style residence. A defining characteristic of the building is its commitment to sustainable design practices. The entire house will be built with a timber structure, emphasizing environmental consciousness with its renewable materiality. Notably, special attention has been given to the detailing of columns and beams, showcasing both functionality and visual appeal. This sustainable approach aligns with modern design trends while reflecting a conscientious effort to minimize the environmental footprint of the residence.

victor ortiz california
the design reinterprets the elongated prairie-style home to maximize views toward the horizon

victor ortiz california
the sustainable timber structure shows thoughtful detailing of columns and beams

architect victor ortiz envisions a prairie-style residence for coastal california
indoor gardens enhance the interior as a celebration of the gardened landcapes beyond architect victor ortiz envisions a prairie-style residence for coastal california
interiors are extended toward the landscape with indoor gardens and expansive glass walls



project info:


project title: California Residence

architecture: Victor B. Ortiz | Architecture | @victorbortiz_architecture

location: Los Angeles, California