a timber observation tower by victor ortiz will rise over africa's masai mara plains

a timber observation tower by victor ortiz will rise over africa's masai mara plains

wildlife viewing elevated over the masai mara plains


Architect Victor B. Ortiz recently unveiled plans for a wildlife observation tower set to rise over the vast expanse of the Masai Mara Plains in Africa. While the architect is best known for his sculptural designs across the US and Brazil, this is not his first project in Africa — earlier this year he’d revealed a residential proposal in Côte D’Ivoire. In sharing the latest images of this unique project, Ortiz expressed his commitment to elevating the visitor’s experience and employing renewable construction methods. The project aims to enhance the journey of wildlife watching with this centrally-supported timber observatory standing forty-eight meters (157 feet) tall and spanning twenty meters (66 feet) in diameter.

victor ortiz masai maravisualizations © Victor B. Ortiz 



a timber observation tower by victor ortiz


The proposed wildlife observation tower by Victor B. Ortiz draws attention not just for its impressive height over the Masai Mara Plains but also for its timber materiality. In Africa, timber architecture has a rich history deeply intertwined with the continent’s diverse cultures and natural resources. Timber, being a renewable resource, aligns with Ortiz’s commitment to sustainable construction. The use of timber in this project stands as a celebration of traditional African building practices while also addressing contemporary environmental concerns.

victor ortiz masai mara
Victor B. Ortiz reveals plans for a wildlife observatory in the Masai Mara Plains



celebrating the savannah


Victor Ortiz’s design philosophy for the observatory centers around creating a tower that respects the natural context of the Masai Mara Plains. The centrally-supported construction provides stability while minimizing its footprint and thus, the impact on the landscape. Meanwhile, its height of forty-eight meters allows for an unobstructed vantage point for viewing the Masai Mara Plains, an area known for its vast savannah and rich biodiversity. Once built, the project will connect travelers with the beauty of this natural ecosystem while promoting conservation awareness.

victor ortiz masai mara
the centrally-supported design ensures stability while reducing the footprint on the landscapevictor ortiz masai mara
the timber construction will honor traditional building practices and renewable resourcesa timber observation tower by victor ortiz will rise over africa's masai mara plains
the project aims to elevate the wildlife sighting experience with a panoramic vantage across the savannah


a timber observation tower by victor ortiz will rise over africa's masai mara plains
Victor Ortiz demonstrates how innovative design can promote conservation awareness

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