an old toy factory in ibi, in the alicante province of spain, was transformed into ‘jjdluxe’, a garage and exhibition space for vintage luxury cars by spanish architecture firm vilaplana&vilaplana. the renovated building revisits the industrial typology and offers a new, flexible and ‘instagrammable’ environment for car fanatics.


all images © asier rua

exhibition space with vintage props and cars



the former FEBER building that housed production for children’s toy dolls and cars in the last decades, now houses another type of ‘toy’ in its new exhibition space: 300 vintage luxury cars. vilaplana & vilaplana renovated the building to include two exhibition rooms, a garage used to exclusively repair vintage luxury cars to be bought by international collectors or film producers, a reception area and an office. 


the office space



the designers chose to keep some of the building’s original googie elements, an architectural style that is post modern and futurist, inspired by the car culture of the 1940s. features such as the googie arches and graphics are present throughout the exhibitions, tying the interiors with the displayed vintage cars. doors are painted in bold colors to imitate the google arches, and cars in the exhibition interact with vintage gas pumps and street lights, recreating the vibrant past life of the cars.


building’s original googie arches were kept



upon entering, the space immediately reminds visitors of old car body shops. with bold graphic elements on the ground, walls fully painted red, and old cadillac headlights turned into lamps, the interiors provide a refreshing area, ideal for its new purpose. the color palette is true to the theme, and is mainly made up of ferrari red, silver, white and black. the main materials used for the interiors are metal and enamel, consistent with the program. vilaplana & vilaplana’s renovated space is the perfect lively backdrop for the displayed car’s luxurious and vintage spirit.


sports car motif patterns painted on the floor 

office with recycled cadillac lamps

storage rooms

color palette inspired by the brand identity


pavement detail

inspired by car body shops, metal and paint are the primary materials used

lacquered metal on the garage entrance

skylights in the exhibition room


project info:


project title: jjdluxe garage

architecture office: vilaplana&vilaplana studio (amelia vilaplana, paula vilaplana)

contact email: [email protected]; [email protected]

built area (m2 or sqft): 5000 m2

city and country: ibi (alicante). españa

photographer: asier rua

construction: convicodos. 

pintura: groupcolors

promoter: jjdluxe team group s.l.

original building: taller de matricería de feber. (engineer: antonio vilaplana 1980).

exhibitions: interiores. asier rua ccemx. méxico.2018


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