david altrath photographs 'villa mediterraneo' gazing over ibiza through bamboo screens

david altrath photographs 'villa mediterraneo' gazing over ibiza through bamboo screens

a house by metroarea architetti associati


David Altrath continues his explorations in architectural photography, this time capturing ‘Villa Mediterraneo 01, a dwelling in Ibiza designed by Italian studio Metroarea Architetti Associati. The house is built to harmonize with its site while paying tribute to its architectural influences from the Roman villa, Spanish, and Arab heritage. It is designed with a contemporary expression that honors the natural lexicon of Italian expressionism, an homage to renowned architect Rudolf Steiner.


The Hamburg-based photographer highlights the architecture and its seamless inside-outside relationship, achieved by the generous use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The series also showcases the hanging gardens, canopies, and custom-crafted bamboo screens that shroud the windows to ensure privacy and well-being. These shutters are designed to filter the light and create a comfortable living space. The overall effect is one of light, airy, and tranquil environment that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition.

metroarea architetti villa mediterraneoimages © David Althrath@davidaltrath



embedded into the island


In this latest photography series, David Altrath (find more here) presents the unique architectural features of Metroarea Architetti Associati’s ‘Villa Mediterraneo 01’, such as the central patio which serves as the focal point of a complex system of pathways located on multiple levels. In this space, the impluvium was traditionally used to collect water. Its serene connection with nature is further enhanced by a waterfall and creek which bridge the two swimming pools. The architects construct the villa to embed perfectly into the natural incline of the hill, its shape resembling an amphitheater to suggest an integration within the surrounding landscape.

metroarea architetti villa mediterraneo



handcrafted design in ibiza


The design team at Metroarea Architetti Associati makes use of simple materials such as irregularly shaped concrete and dry walls to underline its aim to avoid a commonly associated image of luxury and instead connect to the island and its traditions. The irregular board formed concrete is used along both the house’s exterior and interiors, lending a textured and imperfect surface. The entire space is further enriched by lush vegetation and colorful blooms to create a peaceful and serene oasis in the trees.

metroarea architetti villa mediterraneo metroarea architetti villa mediterraneo

metroarea architetti villa mediterraneo


david altrath photographs 'villa mediterraneo' gazing over ibiza through bamboo screens

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