anthony authié, founder of zyva studio and charlotte taylor, founder of maison de sable present their first collaboration, the villa ortizet. the dream-like work of fictional architecture recalls the natural countryside of france. sited in the town of saint pierre le vieux in lozere, the villa ortizet pays tribute to authie’s grandfather who had spent half of his life in this charming and mysterious french village. in designing the project, authie draws inspiration from his childhood memories to recall the legends and landscapes.

villa ortizet



anthony authié and charlotte taylor express their villa ortizet with a continuous shell of monochrome green, mimicking the natural surroundings with a hyper-modern language. the while team introduces a balance between modernist and organic architecture, the design of the space is characterized by a recurrent use of the curve and a limited selection of furniture pieces. the apparent rock, the common thread linking the different areas, aggregates with the building to form a single entity. villa ortizet delivers a contemporary commentary on housing as a management of biological diversity.

villa ortizet



by considering nature as a structuring emergence of architecture, anthony authié and charlotte taylor emancipate themselves from traditional forms of gardens and greenhouses. the team creates a true symbiosis between the built space and the surrounding nature. this hybrid format presents a new type of evolutionary architecture in permanent interaction with the environment and the climate — a sensorial architecture that can be explore through sound, smell and touch favorizing experience through the interaction of the various elements of which it is composed.

villa ortizet villa ortizet villa ortizet villa ortizet



project info:


project title: villa ortizet

architecture: anthony authié, charlotte taylor

location: saint pierre le vieux, lozere, france

completion: july 2020