ornate rajasthani 'villa palladio jaipur' is flooded with vibrant maximalist details

ornate rajasthani 'villa palladio jaipur' is flooded with vibrant maximalist details

a boutique hotel hideout


Villa Palladio Jaipur, a boutique hotel and a vibrant work of maximalism, is waiting to be discovered just a short trip outside the Rajasthan capital. The northern Indian state is known for its intricate architecture spanning centuries — a history which has come to inspire Italian-Swiss entrepreneur Barbara Miolini and Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans to curate the color and patterning which floods the nine-room hotel’s interiors. With a 1980s-built structure shaped by multifoil archways and layers of ornament, the newly renovated mansion opens up like a jewel box — its walls embellished with colorful hand-painted details showing a playful mix of candy-striping, zig-zagging, and botanical motifs.

villa palladio jaipurimages © Atul Pratap Chauhan@atulpratapchauhann



inside ‘villa palladio jaipur’


Villa Palladio Jaipur’s nine guest rooms are just as exuberant. The hotel‘s lofty and luminous rooms are curated with a mix of embroidered fabrics, hand-painted wallpapers, and boldly tiled flooring overlaid with intricately patterned carpets. Each room follows the cherry-red and pink color scheme, inspired by the vibrant culture and heritage of Rajasthan. An outdoor courtyard has been transformed into an oasis with an ornate fountain surrounded by black-and-white tiles and a fragrant green garden speckled with palms, and planted with jasmine, rose,  pomegranate, hibiscus and laurel. The pool house continues the maximalist spirit with its overload of complex mix red and white stripes.

villa palladio jaipurthe building’s all-white shell opens up like a jewel box

villa palladio jaipur
a courtyard is speckled with palms and a fragrant gardenvilla palladio jaipur
interiors show bold candy-striping alongside botanical motifs

villa palladio jaipurmultifoil arches reference Rajasthani tradition


the maximalist interiors are flooded with sunlight and color

villa palladio jaipurlayers of hand-painted ornament create a whimsical visual overload


the nine guest rooms are just as vibrant as the shared areas

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