‘fort lola’ by visiondivision architects all images coutesy visiondivision architects

swedish firm visiondivision architects have sent us images of their project ‘fort lola’.

located in the south of spain the house has been designed not to be visible from the road, when the client is not there. passing the house on the nearby road one will only see a garage.

the garage consists of a spiral staircase inside a steel cylinder leading down to a big living room, and as the mesh is flipped into sun protecting panes, the panoramic view towards the surrounding mountains will appear from all the social rooms and the bedrooms. the bathrooms are located towards the hill and will have a cave like appearance.

visiondivision: fort lola inside view

visiondivision: fort lola garage

visiondivision: fort lola side elevation

visiondivision: fort lola bird’s eye view

visiondivision: fort lola plan