‘paper cut parlor’ by visiondivision all images courtesy of visiondivision

‘paper cut parlor’ is a waiting room for a private clinic in stockholm designed by swedish architects visiondivision (ulf mejergren & anders berensson). specializing in athletic injuries, the space has two functions: it consists of a rehab gym and an arthroscopic centre. occupying a storey in a larger hospital with a staircase and elevator unit that goes through all floors, visiondivision wanted to create a distinct space, separating the clinic from the rest of the building.

visiondivision: paper cut parlor the reception area features workspaces for clients

as a means of making the area more secluded, a glass partition with an automatic sliding door, separates the common corridor from the new waiting room. the main feature of the redesigned space is its ceiling. replacing the usual 60 x 60cm tile plates found in hospital and most public spaces in sweden, visiondivision has developed a custom disk of form pressed transparent paper that allows the ceiling as a whole to serve as a lighting system. the module itself that looks like an upside down pyramid, comes in three different modes: closed, semi closed and open.

the closed version is the most common and even though it is not open, it still lets light pass through because of the semi-transparent properties of the material. the semi-open module sits above the benches and the open ones are located above the reception desk, tables and zones which need to be well lit. LED lighting behind the paper sheets change color, altering the character of the room, changing depending on where you are in the space. outside of these three variants, there is another module that is larger than the others which can be projected from above, becoming a data display that can be seen from four directions. here, you can view information about the clinic, photo slideshows, movies or whatever is suitable. the ceiling itself, because of its jagged shape, also provides good acoustic properties. the 60 x 60cm modular system can also be used in conjunction with many standard fixtures regarding electricity, ventilation etc. 

visiondivision: paper cut parlor a glass sliding door separates the new waiting room from the rest of the hospital

the interior is constructed from different woods, which are installed in a gradiant manner – darker closer to the floor and lighter closer to the ceiling and light. the reception desk is 75cm high so that it remains accessible for those individuals in wheelchairs. the low height also provides a relaxed first impression. the reception desk has three computer stations where clients can check in to the gym or arthroscopic centre, in close proximity to the concierge in case problems arise.

visiondivision: paper cut parlor break down of the space

the waiting room consists of 27 seats and some spaces next to a high table for clients who prefer to stand while waiting. the ceiling gives the room a visual consistency and also the ability to vary the experience for those waiting. the expected completion date is late summer 2011.

visiondivision: paper cut parlor aerial view