‘the miami sun’ – a landmark for bayfront park by visiondivision




‘the miami sun’ is a competition entry for a landmark proposal at the bayfront park in miami conceived by visiondivision. the design is meant to stand as a monument, symbolizing the good life experienced in the beach side city, while also enriching and counter balancing the existing green space and its tropical landscaping. the thin, half sphere-shaped structure, is projected to function as a hotel, with a casino on the lower floors, and an observation decks on the upper levels.

visiondivision: the miami sunits glass facade reflects light and gradually shifts colors during the day creating a spectacular and brilliant site




the grid shell exterior is clad in glass that mimics the sun at daytime, its skin reflecting light and gradually shifting its colors during the day, creating spectacular sunrises and blazing sunsets for the park, while at night time it transforms into a half moon. the façade is coated with a film of transparent solar panels, allowing the visible spectra of sunlight to filter straight through the exterior, while blocking the high amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that is present. the amount of solar energy absorbed is more than enough to power the building, with the surplus going to the stripes of mono-frequency lights integrated into the end of each floor slab that points outward, giving the entire disc a glow. this type of illumination produces enough brilliance with a narrow frequency which makes colors other than black appear invisible, thus tinting its surroundings with specific hues, providing an enchanted atmosphere. at daytime the mono-frequency lamps are slightly dimmed emitting a shimmering effect, while at night they glow like a white milky moon.

visiondivision: the miami sunthe thin, half-sphere structure emerges from the land




the building can be reached by tender boats, much like the cruise ships which dock in the small nearby harbours–the area is a major embarkation point for these vessels because of miami’s popularity as a tourist destination and proximity to the caribbean. its remote positioning, away from the mainland heightens the monumentality of the structure, as well emphasizing its exclusiveness and independence as a self-sufficient energy producing piece of architecture. a large shallow pool is situated between bayfront park and the hotel, surrounding a small archipelago of small landscaped islands with palm trees. the pools are only waist deep so you can wade between the floating areas, offering an arena for major outdoor festivals, with the possibility to dry out the water for special events.


visiondivision has imagined a landmark which captures the soul of miami, while boosting its architectural legacy.

visiondivision: the miami sunaerial view of the hotel and casino which features observation decks on the upper levels

visiondivision: the miami sunby day the building appears like a blazing sun

visiondivision: the miami sunaerial view of the site

visiondivision: the miami sunby night it glows like a milky white moon

visiondivision: the miami sunsection and breakdown of how the solar panel facade works

visiondivision: the miami sunsite plan and axonometric view