visiondivision: the patient gardener
visiondivision: the patient gardener
oct 24, 2011

visiondivision: the patient gardener

‘the patient gardenter’ by visiondivision all images courtesy of visiondivision

stockholm-based visiondivision conducted a week-long workshop at the politecnico di milano,
in milan, italy, in which guest professors conducted an exploration for students to consider 
the impact of the fast-paced lifestyle on ecology and environmental issues in architecture.
the result was ‘the patient gardener’, a structure consisting of ten japanese cherry trees which is
the main building material for the construction of a two-story retreat. bending, twisting,
pruning and grafting will be used to control and develop the growth of the building over time.
the trees, chosen because of the time of year and good suitability for the project,
were planted around in an 8 meter diameter ring. 
to assist in the bending of the trees, a temporary tower stands in the center with ropes attached to the plants,
pulling them gently to create a bend in the trunk as it grows. the stairs, handrails and safety features
will be grafted from fruit trees, generating food simultaneously.  
a simple maintenance plan and instructs will be passed on to future gardeners. the final result can be
enjoyed on the campus within 80 years. 

visiondivision: the patient gardenerrendering – level 0 

visiondivision: the patient gardenerrendering – level 1 

visiondivision: the patient gardenersketch of building growing

visiondivision: the patient gardenerdetail sketch

visiondivision: the patient gardener sketch of level 0 and level 1 

visiondivision: the patient gardener process images of planting trees  

visiondivision: the patient gardenerguidance and stairs being put into place 

visiondivision: the patient gardenercompleted guidance system 

visiondivision: the patient gardener

bending maintenance plan 

visiondivision: the patient gardener process of creating grass armchair 

visiondivision: the patient gardener instructions for grass chair 

visiondivision: the patient gardener instructions for furniture 

visiondivision: the patient gardener instruction for planting trees 

visiondivision: the patient gardener instructions for building structure 

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  • you must be a lot of fun to live with Ron

  • A branch growing croooked has zero resitance to being crooked

    Every tree start life as a flexible twig that is easily bent with a peace of cotton string

    Check Mate
  • I applaud the effort, but to my eyes that structure hardly looks strong enough to counteract the natural tendency trees have to grow upwards, seeking the sun as directly as possible. There is a tremendous amount of force involved, especially as the tree approaches maturity near the top of the structure. Unfortunately, this is where the structure appears to be at its weakest, with what amounts to 10 fully grown cherry trees pulling again a single 2×4. (i could be wrong about the dimensions but unless it is metal the point stands) Furthermore, the entire tower seems designed to withstand compression and remain rigidly perpendicular to the ground. Again, the trees are pulling in directly opposing directions, so you don’t have to worry so much about the structure toppling as you do about it getting torn apart. This could be ameliorated somewhat by extending the cables through the structure and attaching them to the opposite side. However, since the 10 trees are to be spaced evenly in a circle, there will inevitably be some less than optimal load angles that arise when anchoring to a structure with a square cross-section. There is a distinct possibility that I am wrong here, these kids seem smart, I’m sure they ran the numbers. As for me, 30 years of professional woodworking and hobbyist carpentry gives me the gut feeling that this thing would be torn asunder after a ten years and a few strong storms. I really do hope I’m wrong though, I love the idea and would be happy to see it executed!

    Ronald Raygun
  • Epic

  • Really cool. It’s going to look amazing.

    Oscar Rodriguez
  • ultimately the tree looks crippled to me. more working against nature than with.

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