with the beach villas and final touches of landscaping completed, the coastal resort of naman retreat in danang, vietnam has finally been finished. the vast program – a project by vo trong ngia architects – is located on an area of three hectares comprised of eighty bungalows, a hotel, six VIP villas and twenty villas. the overall concept of the scheme was to use nature and the environment to provide a relaxing and healing space for the guests- both physically and mentally. this resulted an array of facilities established, including a spa, yoga, beach, bar and restaurants; all of which displays a consistent, harmonious mix of bamboo, green and stone construction.

walls of stone have been textured with bamboo
all images by hiroyuki oki



canopies of thick bamboo act like curtains separating the private and shared areas. at the end of the landscaped paths – lined with greenery and pruned grass beds – leads to one of the last additions of vo trong nghia’s resort: the VIP beach villas. distinctive in comparison to the other structures in the masterplan, they visualize as overlapping hills, each positioned to have an undisturbed view of the area and the coast. characterized by a continuous, undulating green roof and supported by bamboo textured stone walls, a private deck connects each residence to the an infinity pool and the beach front.

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02the beachfront location, a private deck and infinity pool sets the VIP villas apart from the other residences

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02undulating forms topped with grass roofs define the villas

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02every part of the resort incorporates the use of bamboo

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02planted bamboo provides a curtain that is used as partitioning throughout

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02the landscaping of the resort is a significant element that encourages ‘treatment’

using nature, sun and the greenery, guests are provided with a relaxing environment for mental and physical healing

naman-retreat-completes-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-designboom-02the masterplan of the naman retreat