jakub pietryszyn introduces the ‘blompod’ moon habitat


Speculative architect Jakub Pietryszyn introduces ‘Blompod’, an expandable and inflatable Moon habitat designed for an upcoming space mission. The structure can host up to two astronauts within an initial 92 cu m living space. Once installed on the Moon, the habitat can ‘blossom’ and reach 183 cu m to accommodate more activities and programs. 

blompod moon habitat 1
‘blossom’ process of blompod



Specifically, Pietryszyn (see more here) envisioned the moon habitat as having a pod core, with two main parts enveloped by an inflatable structure. The first part hosts a toilet, a shower, and a kitchen area located on the outer wall and accessible once the ‘Blompod’ expands in size. The second part features a sleeping area with two beds and a personal storage room. The core is also equipped with life-sustaining systems necessary to survive in outer space.

blompod moon habitat 5
first stage of ‘Mani’ space mission



The inflatable area, meanwhile, is predicted to serve as a workspace equipped with minilabs and computers to conduct more extensive research and on-site exploration. Moreover, half of the expandable space near the kitchen could eventually become a social/workout zone for the inhabiting astronauts.

jakub pietryszyn proposes inflatable moon habitat for future space mission

3D rendering of settlement 



stages of construction: the blossoming process


The process of installing the ‘Blompod’ would go as follows. First, a newly deployed lander arrives on the Moon carrying the pod habitat that gets unloaded with the help of two rovers. Once installed, the core can begin its ‘blossoming’ stage, expanding its parts to reveal the inner core and create a bigger living area; the fully-inflated surface eventually gets covered with protective shields. The base shield is made of regolith mixed with small doses of cement to create a rigid skeleton. Coating the regolith surface is a layer of Moon sand that offers additional protection from radiation and small meteorites. The ‘Blompod’ becomes ready for use when both shields are layered.

blompod moon habitat 2
outer structure


blompod moon habitat 3
interior of ‘Blompod’


blompod moon habitat 4blompod moon habitat 6
first settlement diagram




project info:


name: Blompod – Moon habitat
architecture: Jakub Pietryszyn – void




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