in the design of the residential ‘cam thanh A&A villa,’ VRA design takes advantage of the project’s rich cultural and natural contexts. the house is located in the ancient vietnamese town of hoian city, among an urban fabric defined by buildings which date back hundreds of years and are surrounded by diverse and unique plant life. the design of the house serves to highlight and promote these elements, as the geometries and materiality recall that of the native plants while the residential organization recalls that of the traditional local housing type.

VRA cam thanh villa
all images by ha phong dang



VRA design makes use of a diverse palette of materials and spatial types in the generation of its cam thanh A&A villa. the materiality and organization are both developed to generate a quality of fresh uniqueness while still adapting to the context in a way that is comfortable and familiar to the surrounding area. the house is sited in an area of cam thanh, hoian city which is surrounded by touristic forests of coconut palm and nipa palm. due to the prominence of this tourism site, these plants have become a symbol of the region. the design team makes use of the figural leaves and trunks as the starting point for the unique structural design. an inclined column structure creates both a strong visual impression and a familiar space, recalling that beneath the coconut or nipa palm.

VRA cam thanh villa



VRA organizes the cam thanh A&A villa with a spatial layout that echoes that of old houses in hoian ancient town. these spatial types are defined by long, linear plans divided by small gardens into three short blocks, enhancing the penetration of natural daylight and ventilation. the team at VRA curates the space with a roughness of material as the sculptural structure is expressed in exposed concrete and brick walls retain the material texture. the interiors are designed to ensure a harmonious atmosphere which is rich and vivid while not cluttered and overwhelming. large trees grow throughout both the interior and exterior spaces to filter daylight and enhance the views of the natural surroundings.

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project info:


project title: cam thanh A&A villa

architecture: VRA design

location: cam thanh, hoian city, vietnam

lead architect: duc vien le

project managers: minh tuan tran & huynh quoc viet tran

structural design: cong ban phan & van hao nguyen

electrical design: van li tran

engineering: van trung vo, thanh long nguyen, van loc nguyen

clients: khanh an nguyen & thi anh huynh

collaborators: duy du le, van thoi tran, van di nguyen, nhan tran, duong cong quoc phan

photography: ha phong dang