with its completed ‘ha long villa’ in vietnam, VTN architects (vo trong nghia) introduces a response to the nation’s rise in unsustainable development. with an abundance of natural landscapes and heritage townscapes, vietnam has seen an economic growth which has raised the standard of living, but has led to development by clearing away nature. to address this growing reality, the design team creates a dwelling that connects its occupants with their natural context. the team explains: ‘the main concept of the house is to create space where people can live in a forest.’

VTN ha long villa
all images by hiroyuki oki



in the design of the residence and its surrounding forest, VTN architects lays out the plan of the house as a pentagon within a pentagon. this organization establishes spatial layers of interior and semi-exterior spaces filled with plant life. the composition creates deep shadowing as part of the double skin façade against the hot tropical climate. this buffer between the interior and exterior protects the house against the hot climate as well as noise. each semi-exterior space is connected by the main spiral staircase. there is a spatial sequence from the outside to the inside, from ground to roof, and through the semi-exterior space with a large window and plenty of greenery to feel the rich natural landscape and city view from different angles.

VTN ha long villa



VTN architects’ design is defined by its semi-exterior zone which connects the interior with the garden terrace, and offers a place to promote various programming. this interstitial multi-purpose area serves as a connective tissue between each space. linking the interior living area, it is a place for gardening, sightseeing, sitting, and walking. the distinctive atmosphere offers residents such day-to-day options as whether to dine inside or outside on a particular day. the various movements in the resident’s lives are expressed to the neighborhood through the punch windows of the façade.

 VTN ha long villa VTN ha long villa VTN ha long villa VTN ha long villa VTN ha long villa VTN ha long villa

VTN ha long villa

VTN ha long villa

VTN ha long villa




project info:


title: ha long villa

architecture: VTN architects (vo trong nghia architects)

location: ha long, quang ninh, vietnam

design team: nguyen van thu

program: private house

completion: built in 2020

photography: hiroyuki oki