VTN completes undulating bamboo space at vietnam's huong an vien cemetery

VTN completes undulating bamboo space at vietnam's huong an vien cemetery

continuing its investigation of sculptural bamboo structures, VTN architects (vo trong nghia architects) realizes its huong an vien visiting center. the newly completed facility is situated within a natural landscape context as part of a cemetery area about 10 kilometers southwest of the city of hue in central vietnam. while cemeteries traditionally suggest the melancholic atmosphere of death, loss, and grief, the client and the architect together agreed to seek an architectural solution for a space that was instead peaceful and tranquil.

vtn huong an vien
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VTN architects (vo trong nghia architects) completes its huong an vien visiting center within a network of four lakes surrounded by a range of low mountains. the park of huong an vien is home to trees, flowers, and a variety of other plant life, which already offers a feeling of joyful lightness. when designing the dynamic, curving bamboo roof structure, the team at VTN architects expresses influence from the soft, traditional architecture of the nearby city of hue along the huong river. dramatic, low-hanging eaves protect the interior of the visiting center from direct sunlight and rain, allowing the space to remain open to its natural context.

vtn huong an vien



in the design of its huong an vien visiting center, VTN architects suggests a mindful extension of the natural surroundings to demonstrate respect and gratitude to those who have passed away. this is achieved with the selection of natural and locally-sourced material palette of bamboo, thatch, and bricks. perforated bricks. the center is oriented to allow airflow and light to easily ventilate and illuminate the interior — eliminating a reliance on air-conditioning or artificial lighting. the structure of each building comprises a single module in section, which is serially assembled quickly and with a low-budget.

vtn huong an vien vtn huong an vien vtn huong an vien vtn huong an vien






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