‘the housetelier’ by WAI architecture, beijing, china all courtesy of © WAI architecture

our friends at WAI architecture have developed ‘the housetelier’, a residence, work and gallery space in beijing, china, around the corner from our designboom pop up gallery where we held a media exhibition of the venice 2012 architecture biennale. the proposal is part of a plan to regenerate urban zones by attracting creative enterprises into the dashilar district. a micro-economy is generated as well as a by-product of cultural and intellectual exchange from activities and events. a polycarbonate facade projects a neutral appearance to the urban context during the day while its translucency allows it to become activated with illumination at night. the lantern-like exterior invites wanderers to step inside, experiencing the diverse elements contained by the building.

the diverse internal program is related to an interior hutong-style courtyard which offers enough separation to be used by three tenants at the same time. the ground floor offers a sequence with an atelier, service space with a kitchen and bathrooms, office area and gallery which wraps around the centralized courtyard and is visually connected across the plan through transparent enclosures. on the upper level, a complete apartment also borders the building-height void.

WAI architecture: the housetelier ground level atelier, office and service space wrap a central courtyard

WAI architecture: the housetelier polycarbonate facade forms neutral appearance within the urban context

WAI architecture: the housetelier site plan

WAI architecture: the housetelier floor plan / level 0

WAI architecture: the housetelier floor plan / level 1

WAI architecture: the housetelier sections