this 120-meter-tall tower in the chinese city of guiyang boasts a spectacular waterfall that streams down its glazed façade. the waterfall cascades for a distance of over 100 meters (350 feet), before being collected in a tank at the foot of the building, before being pump back to the top of the fall. the artificial water feature is somewhat reminiscent of olafur eliasson’s waterfall installations, the latest of which was erected at versailles in 2016.



video footage, taken by pear video and shared by shanghaiist, documents the scale of the project, which is said to have developed as a new tourist attraction for the region. questions have been raised about the cost of running the waterfall, with estimates putting the bill at around $117 USD (€100 EUR) an hour. however, kanka news is reporting that the water is primarily recycled, with the waterfall only turned on for special occasions.