‘farum’ by we architecture, farum, denmark all images courtesy of we architecture

‘farum’ by danish firm we architecture is an urban planning competition proposal for farum, denmark, a suburb located approximately 20 kilometers from copenhagen’s city center. the locale’s fragmented development pattern is the definition of the highly criticized ideal of suburbia, divided by large roads and interspersed with eclectic structures from the 70s and 80s. aiming to improve the evolution and success of ‘suburbs of the future’, the design maintains the established character of the town while injected the benefits of density found in urbanized areas. sectioned off with streets, the generated islands form a personal atmosphere with plazas and green spaces.

focused in bybækgunden, this model introduces a building typology within a flexible 40 by 40 meter grid, integrating multiple functions within 6-story structures. the arrangement creates large squares and pockets in close relation to residences and commercial resulting with a harmonious variety of suburban and urban elements.

we architecture: farum tree lined boulevard through site

we architecture: farum pedestrian street

we architecture: farum pedestrian streets

we architecture: farum green area

we architecture: farum apartment block

we architecture: farum site plan

we architecture: farum site plan

we architecture: farum green areas

we architecture: farum (left) arrival (center) new & exiting development (right) identity islands diagrams

we architecture: farum the finger plan 1940

we architecture: farum two sides of farum

we architecture: farum the 40 x 40 grid evolves from a set of values which are defined by the needs of all parts involved

we architecture: farum development diagram

project info:

name: farum assignment: invited competition type: urban planning client: realdania & furesø municipality size: 96 ha place: farum, denmark year: 2012 team: marc jay, julie schmidt-nielsen, nora fossum, kristian hindsberg, casper berntsen, steffen ommundsen, mikkel friberg, tom benjamin hobbs, justin cua & karen shiue collaborators: jwh arkitekter, preben skaarup landskabsarkitekter, niras, gitte marling