mumbai-based design firm ‘the white room’ presents the sculptural ‘garden room.’ the studio is known to express a rawness of material in the generation of fluid, organic geometries. the residential work is characterized by gentle curvatures and rough, untreated surfaces flooded with natural light. the garden room is comprised of a single bedroom which occupies a bucolic garden. the exterior walls are sculpted by curving apertures, expressing the qualities of a natural landform or grotto penetrated by foliage.

white room garden room
all images courtesy of the white room



the white room designed the garden room for a ‘flamboyant couple’ in the quaint mumbai suburb of pali hill. the organically designed spaces seamlessly flow into each other, obscuring the boundaries between the interior and exterior and inviting the lush natural context inward to the living space. each room is fluidly expressed as a sculptural volume with some finished in mediterranean whites, slate, and green, while others are wrapped in expressive glittering turquoise mosaic.

white room garden room white room garden room white room garden room white room garden room white room garden room



project info:


project title: the garden room

architecture: the white room

program: residential