will alsop, british architect and professor of architecture at university for the creative arts’s canterbury school of architecture, has died aged 70 after short illness.

will alsop dies aged 70

will alsop in his battersea office aLL design
image by malcolm crowther



known for his somewhat controversial designs comprised of modernist  buildings full of bright colors and unusual forms, the architect was also recognized by his drawings and paintings – a method he used to clear his mind before designing. sometimes praised and other times condemned, in 2000 alsop received the stirling prize for the peckham library, an exuberant turquoise and yellow structure. four years later he would go and create one of toronto’s most identifiable buildings, the ontario college of art & design


‘will has inspired generations and impacted many lives through his work. it is a comfort to know that due to the nature of will’s work and character, he will continue to inspire and bring great joy,’ said marcos rosello, director of aLL design, the studio which alsop set up in 2011. ‘he had an exceptional ability to recognize particular strengths in individuals which he would draw out and nurture. his design ethos, essentially to ‘make life better’, is evident in the architecture of his buildings and their surrounding communities. we will miss him greatly.’