workshop, diseño y construcción renovates traditional yucatecan house in mexico

workshop, diseño y construcción renovates traditional yucatecan house in mexico


casa huolpoch blends yucatecan culture and modern design


situated in the mexican capital of mérida in yucatàn – and renovated by workshop, diseño y construcción – casa huolpoch is a 20th century yucatecan house named after a regional snake that regularly ‘visited’ the property ruins. the renovation project seeks to respect and rescue the historical values of yucatecan colonial architecture by combining them with contemporary details and volumes that spotlight the comforts of present-day life with pure and sober accents – creating different atmospheres to relax in, and enjoy the warm peninsular climate.

casa huolpoch
casa huolpoch | all images © workshop, diseño y construcción



with that said, the team at workshop, diseño y construcción injected a disruptive volume at the back of casa huolpoch that contrasts the historical part of the residence where the steps to the second level serve as a visual axis, a  sculptural feature, and a hallmark of the overall architecture. the meandering of those steps references the millenary staircase at the ancient temple of kukulkán – a feathered serpent and god in mayan mythology – in chichén itzá. 

casa huolpoch
the meandering stairs reference the steps of the temple of kukulkán in yucatàn



shaping the interiors with three different cultural references 


the interiors, meanwhile, are imbued with more ‘global’ design tones. the living room, in its pastel colors, holds modern and casual furniture by artesano, complemented by interior plant life and pieces of art from galería urbana blanquis. the kitchen, on the other hand, with its pasta tile and white quartz finishings, reinterprets the old yucatecan hoods above the stove. moreover, three pendant lamps atop the kitchen island harmonize the space and reinforce the wooden furniture from mozambique where the owners lived before settling in the yucatan peninsula.

casa huolpoch
outdoor seating facing the pool



sitting right next to the kitchen island, a dining room gently connects to the terrace where three different cultures that the dutch owners identify themselves with clearly converge. this outdoor space holds a table, its centerpiece and drum from mozambique, a patterned fabric covering two utrecht chairs by dutch designer and architect gerrit rietvelt, a painting by mexican artist andriacci, and finally a cow’s head adorned with beads of huichol art that sits just above a traditional bicycle with the colors of the dutch flag. facing the terrace is a chukum pool that surrounds the stone remains of an old colonial structure, and where a large tree creates the perfect atmosphere to host an outdoor kitchen.

workshop, diseño y construcción renovates traditional yucatecan house in mexico
the main entrance to casa huolpoch


holding a much simpler design, the master bedroom on the first level has a headboard made of pasta tiles on which a neon caron painting rests. the views from the bed escape to the exterior thanks to the use of sliding glass doors at two opposite ends of the space. the first view overlooks an interior garden while the second one captures a frame of the pool. 

workshop, diseño y construcción renovates traditional yucatecan house in mexico
the living room is highlighted by pastel tones and art pieces

casa huolpoch 10
the dining room and kitchen space blend mozambican wooden furniture and yucatecan designs






project info:


name: casa huolpoch
architecture: workshop, diseño y construcción
location: mérida, yucatàn, mexico



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