delaware students build world’s tallest LEGO tower
all images courtesy red clay consolidated school district



students across schools at red clay consolidated school district in delaware, USA have participated in the completed the world’s tallest LEGO tower. specifically, a team of students from john dickinson high school in wilmington, sacrificed their entire summer to build the 112 foot tower— but their work paid off. at a recent ceremony and community-wide ‘towerfest,’ guinness book of world records has certified the structure as the officially the world’s tallest freestanding LEGO tower, edging out the previous 106 foot tower from prague. fueled by district-wide donations, the 11 storey creation is made up of over 500,000 interlocking plastic bricks and weighs nearly a ton. over the course of the past few months, groups of students have assembled sections of the LEGO tower, resulting is a polychrome plastic obelisk bearing names or imaginative patterns. on the value of such a project, district superintendent mervin daugherty said:



‘we want kids to get a message out of this…one kid could never put this together. but when we all work together, when we’re all a team, we can do something that people probably thought would be impossible.’




views of the community ‘towerfest’ event and the announcement of the guinness-certified world record 
video courtesy red clay school district



world's tallest LEGO tower built by delaware students

views of the tower in process



‘this project is an academic activity. students from around the district have been involved in many different instructional activities related to this project. some students have spoken with architects and engineers about careers. other students have learned about proportions and ratios using the bricks. still other students have used estimating skills. the project even has applications in social studies. students have learned about the LEGO corporation, and talked about economic concepts related to buying hundreds of thousands of lego pieces. equally as important, students have worked together to achieve a common goal.’



world's tallest LEGO tower built by delaware students

model of the tower flank the crowning piece–the symbol of the school district in LEGO form


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