‘vivanta by taj’ by WOW architects, bangalore, india

the interior design of the ‘vivanta by taj’ hotel by singaporean WOW architects gives a contemporary view at traditional indian characteristics. ‘spices, vibrant colours and evocative textures’ are the underlying themes of each space in the lodge. a grand lobby, several restaurants, a disco-bar and spa constitute the sequence of public spaces. a wide range of woods are used in fixtures, screens, roof and wall elements to provide various patterns and textures to the surfaces. marble tiles and masonry walls create a series of indian style constructions within the program while deep vibrant hues are present throughout each function reminiscent of the colorful local culture.

‘vivanta by taj’ has been shortlisted in the ‘hotel / leisure’ category of the 2012 world architecture festival. see the complete list of this year’s nominated projects here.

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel tea lounge

the tea lounge is designed in scale as a transition space from the grand lobby to the subsequent large restaurants and ballroom. warmer tones and leather sofas arranged in clusters provide a relaxing and intimate atmosphere for smaller groups.

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel the grand ball room

repetitive timber beams create frames in this large open mutli-functional space, filled in with highly ornate indian motifs.

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel lounge bar ‘shimmer’

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel ‘azure’ restaurant

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel ‘azure’ restaurant

a picasso-like mosaic of bright blue tiles gives this mediterranean environment a cool palette of colors representing the modern-day international working middle class.

WOW architects: vivanta by taj hotel ‘paranda’ restaurant

the first in a series of restaurants, paranda greets visitors with a framed wall of spices, deep reds and yellows throughout the color scheme, and a variety of textures to accompany the modern indian cuisine.