‘open air cinema pioneer’ by wowhaus, moscow, russia all images courtesy of wowhaus

adding to their slew of projects inhabiting the gorky park in moscow, russian firm wowhaus’s latest addition contributes an outdoor movie theater to be used during the day or night. the ‘open air cinema pioneer’ is an all wooden compilation, in par with their other adjacent works, supported by a slender steel frame. a projection booth sits under the seating displaying the movie on a space-frame screen which doubles as a vertical garden on the park-facing side. the structure is a direct result of function, providing only the bare minimum essentials to achieve the desired use. during day-lit hours, the cinema functions as a social amphitheater space with a green wall, where people may interact on, below, next to, or behind the construct. by nightfall the focus is turned to the screen, where visitors congregate on the deep steps to enjoy a film.

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneerspace frame screen doubles as a vertical wall on the contrary side

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneerlight steel frame supports seating

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneerdeep wooden steps create sitting areas

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneer site plan

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneerdaytime use

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneernighttime use

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneerside elevation

wowhaus: open air cinema pioneer perspective