private gardens permeate this austere 'X house' oasis in mexico

private gardens permeate this austere 'X house' oasis in mexico

martinez and guerra deliver the ‘x house’


The X House, a collaborative design by architects Rafael Martinez and Juan Pablo Guerra, is designed as a hospitality project for the bustling cultural ambiance of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Planned for the heart of the city, the house will harmonize with its surroundings through its neutral tones, simple materials, and an intimate connection with nature. By seamlessly blending with the surrounding colonial architecture and embracing the tranquility of its carefully designed gardens, the X House will offer visitors an immersive experience, where the line between indoor and outdoor spaces is blurred, and a sense of intimacy with the environment is fostered.

x house guerra martinezimages courtesy Juan Pablo Guerra



contrast and harmony with its urban context


An austere volume characterizes the proposed X House, as Juan Pablo Guerra and Rafael Martinez create a distinct presence amidst the vibrant stone pavements and colorful facades of San Miguel de Allende. The architects aimed to homogenize the space, employing a subdued color palette and simple materials, allowing nature and spatial quality to provide the necessary contrasts. This deliberate approach enhances the visual impact of the house, drawing attention to its minimalistic design while seamlessly fitting into the city’s architectural fabric.

x house guerra martinez



Engawa and Distorted Perspectives


At its entrance, the X House greets visitors with an engawa, a traditional Japanese-style veranda. As visitors move through this space, an intriguing distortion in the perspective of the surroundings unfolds, gradually expanding the perception of space. With this carefully crafted architectural element, Juan Pablo Guerra and Rafael Martinez introduce a sense of intrigue, inviting exploration and foreshadowing the unique experiences that lie inside.

x house guerra martinez



Open Terraces and Intimate Garden


The common areas of the X House have been conceived as open terraces, providing panoramic views of the interior. These terraces will not only blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors but will also serve as vantage points to observe the carefully designed livable garden. Filled with natural light and indigenous vegetation, the garden will act as a pivotal element of the project, balancing the austerity of the white lime walls. The parallel design of the garden and the house will foster a close and direct connection between the user and nature, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in an oasis of privacy.

x house guerra martinez



Sensory Connection and Privacy


A central objective of the X House is to create an intimate connection between visitors and the environment. By immersing guests in a sensory experience, the architects seek to engage their senses of touch, hearing, smell, and sight. The curated garden will offer a serene sanctuary where one can feel the gentle caress of the breeze, listen to the soothing sounds of nature, breathe in the fragrant aromas, and observe the vibrant colors of the surrounding greenery. Through these sensory encounters, the X House becomes a private haven, an escape from the bustling streets of San Miguel de Allende.

x house guerra martinezintimate, private gardens create a direct connection with nature from the interiors


the project will be a tranquil escape from the bustling streets of San Miguel de Allende

private gardens permeate this austere 'X house' oasis in mexicothe minimalist design will create an atmosphere of calm


the lush greenery balances the austerity of the white lime walls


first floor plan
first floor plan
second floor plan
second floor plan

project info:


project title: X House

architecture: Juan Pablo Guerra, Rafael Martinez

status: in progress, expected completion 2024


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