XTU architects: ‘x office’, paris, franceall images © luc boegly




XTU architects exclusively unveils their own ‘x office’ to designboom. the layered intervention is a living catalogue of characteristics inherent in their projects. designers can draw inspiration for their work from their immediate surroundings of custom-designed work stations, book shelves, and conference rooms. the space provides a large open work area that fosters a collaborative work atmosphere. two green curtains separate spaces where small groups can meet. a third curtain separates supporting functions beyond the intervention.


the undulating desks provide storage and ample work surface for the architects. their gentle geometric silhouette informs a cohesive vocabulary expressed from the floor to the ceiling by the floor pattern, curved curtain tracks, and oblong voids which punctuate the ceiling.  the bookshelves reinterpreted this language with an irregular vertical structure, reminiscent of falling books.

"view of conference room and bookshelves from the studio

" view of the studio from the supporting services

"oblong openings in the ceiling reveal the rectilinear existing structure above

" transparent green curtains provide privacy, texture, and visual interest within the office

"the studio is awash with natural light from a long expanse of windows along the southern facade




office floor plan reflects the many layers of the project intervention characterized by oblong forms and a variety of textures




project info:


project title:  X office, 32 rue de paradis, parisclient:  XTU architects architect:  XTU architects: anouk legendre, nicolas desmazièrescollaborateurs:  pierre-arthur thibaudeaulighting:  8’18’building enterprise:  AMC2program:  architecture Studio             start of construction:  01/05/2012             completion:  08/07/2012area:  250 m²cost:  € 225,000 photo credit: luc boegly