‘with my dear’ by Y space, jincheon-gun, chungbuk, south koreaimage © song gi myounall images courtesy of Y space




korean firm Y space design has renovated a vernacular jincheon house by paring down the ancient architectural typology to an abstractly white seamless gabled roof. while the palette appears limited, the home employs selective color both in the recesses of the windows and in the amusing addition of architectural props that mimic nature.

Y space design: with my dear ‘with my dear’ by Y space, korea image © song gi myoun




conceptualized as a home for lifelong partners and continuing an aesthetic of whimsical minimalism, the dwelling replicates its own perimeter in the shape of the kitchen window while metal mesh light fixtures mimic idealized cumulus clouds. to visually maximize space, the walls and floors are clad with the same blonde wood. built-in furniture, seamless door design and patterned light all complete a home with a deep idealism and light-hearted sense of comfort. 

Y space design: with my dear view toward the interiorimage © song gi myoun




project info:


project name : with my deardesign : yoon seok-mindesign office : y space designproject design team : shin hwa-young, lee yong-hun, ko yu-riconstructor : shinsuk construction co. ltd park yun-soolighting design : kim do-yeonclient : seo soo-ganglocation : 262-3 sancheok-ri, jincheon-eup, jincheon-gun, chungbuk, south koreause : residencebuilt area : 146.24 ㎡design period : 2011 1216 – 2012 0227completion period : 2012finish : (exterior) stone, (interior) wood flooringceiling : ceiling paper