younghan chung visualizes modular 6×6 house
all images courtesy of younghan chung architects




korean architect, younghan chung of studio archiholic, pairs an experimental home with an adjacent office to create a merging of space, promoting functionality. the congregating structures embody the minimalistic approach common to chung’s practice as these models are a refinement of a previous project. within the residence, areas are left intentionally vague allowing the user to assign the room its own purpose. spontaneity in the floor plan makes movement through these variable areas a unique experience. exposed openings ensure a dynamic division of space between the interior and exterior, as daylight and nature are incorporated throughout the dwelling. a vertical terrace and storage corridor, which doubles as a pet cage, further the options of function in the building, as owners discover new uses for their 6×6 meter home.

the 6×6 home with the 5×5 studio space behind. to the left, a submerged 4×4 pool and a 3×3 dog pen

alternate view of the site plan from the south

façade study showing the openness of the home

elevation of the model

small plantings and borrowed nature are scattered throughout the dwelling

folding door panels and courtyards incorporate the outdoors

a gap in the roof allows for a central open core on each level

view from above of the 6×6 home

site plan from above



project info:


architect: younghan chung architects
site: 12-18, duwon-ri, dunnae-myeon, hoengseong-gun, gangwon-do, korea
program: residence
site area: 768.00m2
building area: 36.60m2
gross floor area: 55.80m2
building scope: 3 floors
parking: 1
height: 9m
building to land ratio: 4.76%
floor area ratio: 7.26%