fuseproject founder and CEO yves béhar has designed a fully-customizable prefabricated housing system. the model, to be unveiled at the summit festival in los angeles tomorrow (november 2th), responds to new state rules making it easier for homeowners to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs).


in 2016 and 2017, the california state legislature passed a slew of reforms reducing regulations on ADUs such as basement apartments, garage conversions and backyard cottages. making the process easier was part of the states effort to address its housing crisis as demand outpaces housing supply and housing costs continue to rise. in response to this evolution, béhar has forged a long-term partnership with local prefabricated home factory, plant prefab, to develop a line of leading edge homes created offsite.

yves béhar YB1 develops prefabricated homes in response to california housing crisis

images courtesy of the designer



the initial system developed by yves béhar, LivingHome YB1, allows homeowners to customize to an extensive degree. as well as specifying on size, ranging from 250 to 1,200 square feet, homeowners can choose a layout, roofline, window size and location, and external material standpoint, depending on their design interest and lifestyle preferences.


the structural system of YB1 allows for a wide range of internal layouts. modules for full kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms can be arranged into different various configurations dependent on the client and the site. appliances, plumbing and electrics, with lighting by flos and HVAC, come pre-onstalled and ready to go.

yves béhar YB1 develops prefabricated homes in response to california housing crisis



each model can be optimized in response to the climate in which they are built. flat roofs that accommodate solar panels can be installed in southern regions, whilst pitch roofs provide climate adaptability in colder, more mountainous areas. furthermore, materials including forest stewardship council certified wood siding and cement panels have been chosen for their environment friendly credentials. on the inside, smart home capabilities are available which monitor energy consumption, water usage, and energy production.

yves béhar develops prefabricated home in response to california legislature



at the base of YB1 is a 4’ grid on which homeowners can add full height windows, clerestory or rigid walls. multiple roofline options include a flat roof with a standard 8’ ceiling height, a 10’ ceiling with a clerestory running the entire building, or a pitched roof. as a result of customization homeowners have not only the ability to shape light and privacy but also cost needs, and very precisely. there is also the option to install the modules onto a foundation using helical piles, an screw-in anchoring system of pillars upon which structures and be built.

yves béhar YB1 develops prefabricated homes in response to california housing crisis


this is yves béhar’s first foray into prefabricated housing, something the designer describes as anopportunity to think systematically about buildings, rather than as a one-size fits all solution.’


people want to shape their living environment and adapt it to their backyard’s light and privacy constraints,’ he continues. 

yves béhar YB1 develops prefabricated homes in response to california housing crisis



following the launch of YB1, béhar will work with livinghomes to create other prefab systems, eventually completing a line of ‘sub-$100,000 homes that cover a range of consumer needs and price ranges.’ pricing will be based on size, configuration, applicants and materials. the YB1 costs just $280,000 as a package and takes about 6-8 weeks between ordering and final installation – including the cost of planning and building, as well as delivery, site preparation, and connections to water, electricity and sewage. YB1 available to buy from livinghomes and plantprefab.