a fluid new railway station is designed for vilnius by zaha hadid architects

a fluid new railway station is designed for vilnius by zaha hadid architects

zaha hadid architects in vilnius


dubbed ‘green connect,’ zaha hadid architects‘ winning competition entry will shape the new railway station of vilnius. the proposal will host integrated civic spaces and transportation infrastructure, all defined by fluid geometries enveloped by nature.


in line with the city’s ongoing sustainability agenda, the project will combine new construction with adaptive reuse — the new public bridge over the railway tracks that connects the naujininkai district to the south with the city center and vilnius old town. in this way, the team will transform the existing rail infrastructure from a barrier that divides the city into a connector that unites it.

zaha hadid vilniusimages © zaha hadid architects



bridging the city


the team at zaha hadid architects reuse and renovate the original vilnius station creates a new concourse bridge. this space marks a contemporary reinterpretation informed by the existing heritage building.

the composition of the station’s new bridge gradually transforms along its length; from the pitched roof defined by the existing neoclassical station’s triangular pediment into softer geometries and volumes that reduce in scale to land at pelosos street in the naujininkai district. a linear skylight along the length of the bridge and glazed facades over the railway tracks provide natural light and intuitive navigation through the concourse.

zaha hadid vilnius



the landscaped railway station


zaha hadid architects’ new concourse bridge is 46 meters (150 feet) wide and spans 150 meters (492 feet) across the railway platforms. supported 10 meters (33 feet) above the tracks, the fluid forms of the bridge’s roof structure and the terraced landscape of the bus terminal are constructed in locally-sourced laminated timber that is lightweight, fire resistant and incorporates low embodied carbon.


nature-based solutions are integral to the design. green roofs, landscaping by LAND srl and planting will lower temperatures in summer and provide heat insulation in the winter. creating an interconnected series of natural habitats within the city, these urban green spaces are easily accessible and can be enjoyed by communities throughout the year to enhance wellbeing and interaction.

zaha hadid vilnius zaha hadid vilnius a fluid new railway station is designed for vilnius by zaha hadid architects


a fluid new railway station is designed for vilnius by zaha hadid architects




project info:


project title: green connect railway station

architecture: zaha hadid architecture (ZHA)

location: vilnius, lithuania

design: patrik schumacher

ZHA director: gianluca racana

ZHA project directors: ludovico lombardi, michele salvi

ZHA project associate: davide del giudice

ZHA project team: alexandra fisher, jose navarrete deza, maria lagging, richard maekallas, may harper

ZHA sustainability team: carlos bausa martinez, megan smylie, taras kashko, vera kichanova

local executive architect: CLOUD architektai

engineers: sweco lietuva UAB

landscape architect: LAND srl

visualizations: © zaha hadid architects

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