‘beko masterplan’ by zaha hadid, belgrade, serbiaimage © zaha hadid architects



the plans have been unveiled for the ‘beko masterplan’ located in the heart of belgrade’s cultural zone, designed by architect zaha hadid.the new complex will include a residential component, retail and commercial spaces, a large convention facility and a five-star boutique hotel, situated next to the historical kalemegdan castle wall. the project connects the individual elements of the masterplan in a way which maintains their uniqueness and creates the feel of a free-flowing urban layer that integrates seamlessly into the architecture. private and public spaces overlap one another as structure blends into landscape, creating a series of dynamic environments in a continuum of structure. at ground level,a ‘pinch’ in the built edifice brings it down into the ground, opening a large exterior green courtyard for the flow of civic traffic. the ground-scapeis a series of undulating green features mixed with the harder man-made textures, materials and colors that inform the movement of circulationthrough and around the site.



zaha hadid: beko masterplan in belgradethe roof flows into the landscapeimage © zaha hadid architects



zaha hadid: beko masterplan in belgradedesigned landscape guides movement through the siteimage © zaha hadid architects



zaha hadid: beko masterplan in belgradeview from the castle wallimage © zaha hadid architects



zaha hadid: beko masterplan in belgradeimage © zaha hadid architects



zaha hadid: beko masterplan in belgradesite planimage © zaha hadid architects



project info:



architect: zaha hadid architectsdesign: zaha hadid with patrik schumacherproject director: christos passasproject associate: bozana komljenovicproject architect: reza esmaeelidesign team coordination: zetta kotsioni, carine posnerbim coordination: rory mactague, adam atraktzidesign team: veronika ilinskaya, alexandra fisher, raul forsoni, jose luis de melo cadilhe, tomasz starczewski, hendrik rupp, andri shalou,                        carlos luna, chrysi fradellou, elina chatzichronoglou, barbara bochnak, thomas fringslocal architect: zapp doosmep and façade consultant: arupvertical transport: aruphotel consultant: e.p.r. architectssustainability and energy: enpluscost consultant: davis langdon