‘hadid tower for citylife milan’ by zaha hadid, milan, italyabove: the three towers (left to right) hadid tower, libeskind tower, isozaki towerall images courtesy of zaha hadid




the citylife project located in the heart of milan — in the centre of the historic fiera area, immersed in a park of 160,000 square metres (one of europe’s largest pedestrianized zones) — involved a group of architects rather than a single designer: zaha hadid, arata isozaki and daniel libeskind.


citylife brings a new model for work and leisure to the city, an area to be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle, with traffic circulating only underground. at the centre of the project is the business district — three office towers in the ‘piazza delle tre torri’ (square of the three towers): torre isozaki (il dritto, the straight one), torre hadid (lo storto, the twisted one), and torre libeskind (il curvo, the curved one) — torre isozaki will stand 202 m (663 ft) with 50 floors, among the tallest buildings in italy by roof height. torre hadid will be 170 m (558 ft) high with 44 floors, and torre libeskind will reach a height of 150 m (492 ft) with about 30 floors. the three towers are able to accommodate around 10,000 people, over a total of approximately 130,000 m2. a contemporary art museum, a shopping area with bars and restaurants, and a pavilion for exhibitions, sports, entertainment and fashion shows will supplement the master plan project.

zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanocitylife milano – there is also a residential area




the base of the tower will contain a commercial shopping area that connects to the city’s metro system, with 44 floors above it – 39 of which are dedicated to high-level executive functions – that are able to house around 3,200 people. an underground car park provides spaces for 380 vehicles, helping to alleviate the parking issue in the city. the tower itself is the epitome of the gradually growing landscape that leads up to it. a central core withstands lateral loads, with a radial set of columns allowing the freedom in the floor plan to twist as it rises while transferring the necessary vertical forces. sun-shading louvers and a double glazed system with integrated ventilation system that ensure a comfortable interior environment.

zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanotower in context(left) image © zaha hadid(right) image courtesy of citylife

zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanorender of the reflective twisting skinimage courtesy of citylife

zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanomodels


zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milano

zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanosite plan



zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanofloor plan / typical floor



zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanosection



zaha hadid: office tower, citylife, milanotypical floor plan rotation / axonometric of tower



project info:


design: zaha hadid architectsproject director: gianluca racanaproject architect: paolo zillidesign team: andrea balducci, caste h. goswin rothenthal, gianluca barone, marco amoroso, alvin triestanto, letizia simoni, subharthi guha, marina martinez, luis miguel samanez, santiago f. achury, massimo napoleoni, massimiliano piccinini, annarita papeschi, martha read, carles s. martinez, arianna russo, giuseppe morando, peter mccarthy, line rahbek, mario mattia, matteo pierotticompetition team: simon kim, yael brosilovski, adriano de gioannis, graham modlen, karim muallem, daniel li, yang jingwen, tiago correia, ana cajiao, daniel baerlecken, judith reitzconsultants management: j&a/rambollstructures tower: redescostructures basement: holzner&bertagnolli + capm&e: max fordham + manens-tifsfacade: aruplift’s strategy: jappsenfire fighting strategy: mistrettasize: 170 meter 41 storeys office tower, 67.000m2, 2-storey retail space 15.000m2, parking, storage and plantrooms, 40.700m2total area: 122,700 m2 gea