zooco estudio converts madrid office space into warm duplex apartment

zooco estudio converts madrid office space into warm duplex apartment

from office to home: a functional duality in salesas


Madrid-based architecture firm Zooco Estudio has recently completed a duplex apartment renovation in the vibrant Salesas neighborhood. The project involved the transformation of a former office space into a modern two-story residence. The central theme of the project is the conversion of a strictly functional workspace into a comfortable and versatile living environment. Zooco Estudio achieved this by creating a clear division between the two floors. With the exception of the kitchen, each level features a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a spacious living area. This layout creates a distinct separation between the day and night zones on both floors.

zooco estudio duplex salesasimages © David Zarzoso



the curve and the edge: zooco estudio shapes the space


The architects at Zooco Estudio strategically employ contrasting geometries to define the character of each floor within the Salesas duplex. The ground floor embraces a curvilinear layout. This form, described by Zooco Estudio as ‘born spontaneously,’ responds to the building’s narrow entrance and guides visitors through the open-plan space. In contrast, the upper floor features a distinctive edge, defined by its large, sloping roof. This dialogue between the curve and the edge creates a visual interplay between the two levels, emphasizing their unique identities. Connecting these two distinct geometric worlds is a newly designed staircase. This architectural element serves not just a functional purpose but also acts as a geometric bridge, harmonizing the shapes of the two floors.

zooco estudio duplex salesas
Zooco Estudio revamps an office space into a minimalist duplex apartment in Madrid



the cohesive materiality and texture


Zooco Estudio creates a sense of continuity throughout the Salesas duplex by employing a thoughtful material palette. The warmth of wood, evident in the vertical elements, and the coolness of ceramic flooring provide a unique character to the space. This combination creates a common thread that unifies the contrasting geometric languages of the upper and lower floors. The architects further enhance this sense of cohesion by using oak woodwork volumes, which serve to articulate the day zones while concealing the more private night-time areas. This design choice serves a dual purpose — providing spatial organization and maintaining a consistent material language throughout the home.

zooco estudio converts madrid office space into warm duplex apartment
the duplex in Salesas features two floors with bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas zooco estudio converts madrid office space into warm duplex apartment
a newly designed staircase connects the two floors and unifies their distinct geometries
zooco estudio duplex salesas
the ground floor embraces a curving layout, while the upper floor features a distinctive edge


each floor prioritizes function with a clear division between day and night zones

zooco estudio duplex salesas
warm wood and cool ceramic tiles create a unique character throughout the duplex


oak woodwork volumes define the living areas and conceal the private spaces


project info:


project title: Duplex in Salesas

architecture: Zoocoo Estudio | @zoocoestudio

location: Madrid, Spain

construction: Nimbro Proyecto SL

design team: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez

collaborators: María Larriba, Jorge Alonso, Marta Borrás

completion: 2022

photography: © David Zarzoso | @david_zarzoso

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