‘efa’s box’ by ZWEIDREI, berlin, germany images © sittig fahr-becker

german practice ZWEIDREI have sent us images of their latest project, ‘efa’s box’, a frozen yogurt shop in berlin. defined by dichotomy and the climax in their connections, the redesign looks to establish a fresh and contemporary aesthetic for the brand, which recently moved from the ice cream market into frozen yogurt.

consolidated into a single box, the main functions – seating, point of sale and product – appear as radically different architectural contexts then the neutral and minimal structure that surrounds it. cut and placed into the existing store, the fragmented box acts as a strong juxtaposition, its external construction layer on display rendering the container as coulisse. fostering a playful interpretation of space, decoration and ornament, the shop appears as both ironic and conceptual.

ZWEIDREI: efa's box service area and tables

the compact containment of function allows for the brand’s ideologies and aesthetics to be easily manufactured and transported. with the core values and products enclosed within the box, the idea of a room in a room becomes a dictating and economic method of expansion.

ZWEIDREI: efa's box overall shop

ZWEIDREI: efa's box

ZWEIDREI: efa's box seating

ZWEIDREI: efa's box view towards front of shop

ZWEIDREI: efa's box entrance

ZWEIDREI: efa's box outdoor seating

ZWEIDREI: efa's box floor plan

ZWEIDREI: efa's box plan of box

ZWEIDREI: efa's box rendering of front facade

ZWEIDREI: efa's box rendering of interior