‘beta circus’ by ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects images courtesy of ZWEIDREI

‘beta circus’, a 1000%YES collaboration between ZWEIDREI and kim wang architects, is the spatial extension of a shared office in berlin, germany. created for betahaus – a firm who rents out conference rooms and workspace on an hourly, daily or weekly basis – the design aims to produce a space that would encourage users to work alongside one another in a ‘co-working’ environment rather than independently.  

the original structure, located in a 1970s commercial building, featured an irregular floor plan that made composition based on straight and rational surfaces difficult. the implementation of the principal volumes – the arena and the circus – shifted the focus and the spatial atmosphere, creating an interrelated space of old versus new. post and beams extend into the spaces, disregarding the contemporary new context, and creating an intersection of orientation and adjustment.

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus ‘circus unit’

two rotating and crisscrossing figures converge and overlap, defining the overall space, and building a layered atmosphere that consumes the entire floor plate.

‘arena’ the first of the two volumes, welcomes guests upon entrance, creating a space devoid of natural light. devoted to podium discussions, speeches and presentations, the area features varying steps and levels where individuals and groups can congregate to relax and network.

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus co-working spaces surround ‘circus’

the second volume ‘circus’, a rectangular space enclosed on all sides by plywood bookshelf walls delineates the space while encouraging a constant exchange between various work groups. adjoining co-working offices are accessed through one of four symmetrically placed doorways. defined by the irregular division of the floor plan and the skewed position of ‘circus’, the open environment is conducive to communication and a blended work environment. insulated telephone cubicles and a series private offices round out the 250 square meter space.

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus view of circus from the adjoining co-working office spaces

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus (left) detail of the plywood bookcases that enclose ‘circus’ (right) arena

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus

ZWEIDREI + kim wang architects: beta circus entering the office space through ‘arena’