ZXD architects designs its wukesong ice sports center for the 2022 winter olympics

ZXD architects designs its wukesong ice sports center for the 2022 winter olympics

the stadium wrapped in a lattice-like facade


beijing-based ZXD architects presents its ‘wukesong ice sports center’ as the ice hockey training center for the 2022 winter olympic games. the structure, defined by its intricate lattice-like facade, rises two levels above the ground and is embedded an additional two levels underground. these underground spaces host the 1,900-seat ice arena and its related functions. now standing as the largest stadium with ultra-low consumption of energy in china, the wukesong ice sports center has been awarded three stars of china green building.

ZXD architects wukesongimages © zhang zhepeng



zxd architects recreates the pattern of ice and snow


completed by ZXD architects (see more here), the wukesong ice sports center plays an important role in reflecting the commemorative and symbolic significance for olympic games due to its special location and as one of a few new built stadiums for the event. during the event, the project serves as the ice hockey training center.


after the games, it will become one of the most important ice & snow theme sports buildings, which would generate more interest in winter sports across beijing. the team tealls designboom: ‘therefore we think that designing should create connection by symbols to the world of ice and snow, and gather emotional significance and energy into passion.’


the stadium is designed to suggest ‘floating ice flowers to aggregate and form the pattern of ice and snow.’ the project aims to link the figurative sign and abstract architectural structure to be interlaced in perception, which arouses the meaning of symbols in the opaque transparency of an enigma and spark people’s passion for winter olympic games, and enthusiasm and expectation for winter sports.

ZXD architects wukesong



the graphic patterning of the wukesong ice sports center


ZXD architects’ lattice facade wraps the wukesong ice sports center to render a visual effect like cracking ice while introducing a complex, layered spatial experience. repeated patterns is to conceal the massing of this block and to view the profile of the building more light and implicit. a corridor named the winter olympic games’ corridor between the grid wall and the main facade becomes a ceremonious and commemorative space. when natural sunlight filters through the building, a patterned effect of light and shadows is projected onto the ground and the facade.

ZXD architects wukesong ZXD architects wukesong ZXD architects wukesong


ZXD architects designs its wukesong ice sports center for the 2022 winter olympics




project info:


project title: wukesong ice sports center

architecture: ZXD architects | BIAD-beijing institute of architectural design

location: beijing, china

client: beijing wukesong culture & sport center co., ltd.

completion: 2021

photography: © zhang zhepeng


design director: xiaodi zhu
design team: xiaodi zhu, dawei wang, yong zhu, zhepeng zhang, yanliang sun, qiran zhang, xi zhang, shuang han, yang jing, wenjing liu 
structural engineers: lijie liu, bo han, hui wang 
mechanical services engineers: jianpeng zhang, lei shi, rui zhou
electrical engineers: qinghai jiang, shuang wang, lu chen
lighting design: beijing puri lighting design co., ltd. | fang hu
interior design: desgin r&d mangement center (SD&DD) | yuanxni li, tingting jin, beijing lihengyuan decoration co., ltd.(CD&CA)
energy consultant: beijing tsinghua tongheng urban planning & design institute | wei xiao

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