anthony authié, founder of ludicrous practice zyva studio, unveils the interiors of its ‘hematite dust’ apartment in paris. the design is planned for a compact dwelling facing the matignon gardens of the french capital’s 7th arrondissement. the fifty square meter apartment in the haussmannian building looks out toward the iconic cityscape of parisian rooftops above the famous garden. curating the interior, the design team takes influence from the night sky above the city and the black depth of the cosmos beyond. anthony authié notes: ‘like a metaphysical experience the project is inspired by this spatial aesthetics of constellations, stars, and black horizon.’

zyva studio hematite dust
images courtesy of zyva studio | @zyvastudio



zyva studio‘s ‘hematite dust’ occupies a typical 19th century apartment, dividing the space into two distinct halves. one section of the interior is treated ‘like a deep black cosmos.’ the mosaic floor with its micro tiles, along with the doors and the wall finishes are coated in the same color to create a encompassing, monochromatic shroud. this black box emerges with a contemporary juxtaposition from the rest of the living space, restored in its original colors and materials. reinforcing the abstract character of the space, the bathroom in finished entirely in purple tiling. with this expression, the room exists within the apartment like an ‘independent planet.’

zyva studio hematite dust



with the monochromatic purple mosaic treatment, zyva studio references naturally occurring hematite dust — a silvery-looking stone dust whose reflections often appear purple. the mineral is found in abundant quantities on the planet mars. maintaining a dialogue between the disparate spaces of the apartment, each room opens directly into another through large glazed, operable fixtures. this strategy of contrasting aesthetics links the areas together as a cohesive architectural entity, as anthony authié notes, ‘a kind of planet with multiple faces.’

zyva studio curates playful and modern paris apartment dubbed 'hematite dust' zyva studio curates playful and modern paris apartment dubbed 'hematite dust' zyva studio curates playful and modern paris apartment dubbed 'hematite dust' zyva studio hematite dust zyva studio hematite dust




project info:


project title: hematite dust

architecture, interiors: zyva studio | @zyvastudio

location: paris, france

completion: 2021