following the covid-19 crisis and the growing popularity of teleworking, zyva studio rethinks a private workspace in auxerre, france with its ‘trans-office.’ with playful colors and forms, the proposed office is more flexible, more open, and more diversified. anthony authié, founder of zyva studio, approaches this new project bearing in mind the following problem: if we are now able to work remotely, from our home, what is the role of the office? anthony authié comments on the role of the office: ‘the idea of this space is that it is both a meeting point for employees, a showcase for the company and a place of reception.‘ with the company’s need to welcome a plurality of people and to host a variety of events, the space is designed to be fully modular and transformable over time. 

zyva studio trans office
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zyva studio organizes its trans-office in a way that best optimizes circulation and avoids physical crossings to maintain a sanitary environment. the offices are entirely distributed along a single trajectory which wraps around the building’s core. programs are differentiated according to the treatment of the floor and ceiling, with a bold use of playful colors. the entrance area is designed as a large open space filled with wheeled furniture and a series of paired desks that can be moved to free up and reclaim the entire floor space for a variety of new programs. more private offices are separated with the use of removable glass partitions, allowing a flexibility over time to adapt as much as possible to changing business needs.

zyva studio trans office



zyva studio’s trans-office will occupy a pre-existing building located in an industrial area, which expresses waxed concrete floors and raw, exposed ceilings. anthony authié seeks to celebrate this contextual aesthetic with a contrasting uncluttered organization. moving through the space, the visitor will encounter a progression of artistic micro-interventions — these include a monochrome blue meeting room, a chrome-finished stainless steel platform, yellow capsule-shaped seating, and a circular, monochrome pink ‘fun-box.’ these micro-interventions introduce a new work experience by generating interstitial ‘gray’ areas between places of production and spaces for relaxation.

zyva studio trans office zyva studio trans office zyva studio trans office

zyva studio trans office

zyva studio trans office




project info:


project title: trans-office

architecture: zyva studio | @zyvastudio

lead designer: anthony authie

location: auxerre, france

status: concept

completion: september 2020