2020 has proved to be the year of technology, especially in the art world. as the pandemic forced museums and galleries worldwide to close their doors, exhibitors raced to transition to virtual so their audiences could engage solely online. the results, though, often did not represent any jump other than a normal website where viewers would click and scroll through material art work. in fairness, the painted classics were not created for digital viewing, but there are some artists who specialize in this. 0010×0010, represented by xumiiro gallery, has been leading the way for highly experiential digital art. now, in 2020, his exhibitions are ready to be experienced by all, even at home.


there were and still are lots of players in art – creators and galleries – who are stuck in the middle and not fully embracing digitalexplains artist 0010×0010, which translates to twoxtwo in binary code, in an interview with designboom.this happened in the music and film industries as they transitioned to streaming. some people are not ready to let go of old habits or traditions. the arts are realizing now that there needs to be a preparation or even an immediate change to survive and make it worthwhile to reopen a gallery or museum [post-pandemic].


0010×0010 ‘acid bath’ A/V installation at xumiiro gallery
all videos and images courtesy of xumiiro gallery



this sudden change to digital has increased awareness for audio visual art, which, in turn, has benefited 0010×0010 in more ways than one. ‘for me, it is now easier to get critical feedback on the work I have been creating. people are becoming more receptive or at least conscious of digital art. we are now in a moment where people have started to accept this new form of art, both commercially and artistically. this has helped push my work further, to try something new; I am ready for a moment to show more drastic changes.


0010×0010 defines himself as an audio-visual artist. he has tried his hand at the traditional like painting, but also alternative mediums such as sound design and DJing. he soon realized he was much more interested in combining these mediums to form a new art form, rather than working on each independently. he found a unique way to artfully merge audio and visual, and he has been striving to perfect it ever since.

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home
(top) ‘HVRT ‘
(above) ‘evolution of the mind’



I want to give the audience experiences they would never normally feel, especially in a stable, happy life. people don’t look for uncomfortable situations and feelings, but they are much more receptive to these experiences in an exhibition context. I think it is good to push boundaries and experience things differently. audiences remark afterwards about the unexpectedness, but they always tell of the rich emotions they felt.’ in fact, 0010×0010 continues to say, ‘it is the unexpected fear and panic that makes me so creative.


surreal, scary, erotic: the artist’s previous works are certainly rich with extreme, diverse emotions. just take a look at ‘evolution of the mind’, ‘HVMVNØID 7+’ or ‘womb to the tomb’ to see the often trippy outcomes. in all of them, though, his creations pay as much attention to the audio as they do to the video. it is his 3D audio creation that stimulates and heightens the audiences sense of immersion.

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home
(top) ‘ixtlan ‘
(above) ‘HVMVNØID 7+’



0010×0010 enhances an array of technological tools to create his artwork. this includes the use of three setups in audio to define the right tune: vintage synthesizes, modular, and an all-digital setup with the most high-tec software for sound generation. it is just like painting to me. an artist chooses what paints to use, from oils to watercolor. I use whichever tools I feel like or that works best for that specific piece. it could be a combination of all three or a single setup,’ confirms the artist.

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home



he also uses a suite of cameras to capture and create the perfect visual look, but also to communicate it to the audience. this brings us to the work he is realizing together with xumiiro gallery, located in beverly hills, US. he is already creating for pixels; his work is not a translation when its comes to virtual. this means his artwork pushes technology to its limit, in the effort to create an even more immersive experience. in light of the circumstances of 2020, this questions how art can be experienced not solely online but at home.


my project with xumiiro is inspired by the concept of experiencing something in person that you cannot otherwise watch,’ clarifies 0010×0010. ‘it is called BTLG – bootleg – after the banned substances that are not commonly available for all. whether this was a bootleg video or music, there was a thrill to downloading it and being eager to watch or listen. to create this experience, I actually filmed the new exhibition as if I were an audience member illegally taping it. visitors will then receive their own copy as VHS tapes and DVDs. it will be bootleg quality but specifically designed for digital.’ as a teaser, audiences will also be able to preview the exhibition through spotify [only visible on mobile] using their own canvas platform.

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home
audio visual artist 0010×0010 in the studio



the exhibition continues the ever-interesting and ever-progressive partnership between 0010×0010 and xumiiro: firstly as the artist has always preferred working independently, and secondly as a gallery promoting digital experiential artwork as its sole focus. nalada taechanarong, founder and owner of xumiiro gallery, approaches the topic as a gallery landscape. the physical presence at beverly hills facilitates client needs, commissions for her artists and more, but the actual exhibitions operate online, accessible and experienced for all.


BTLG exhibition preview of ‘bipolar brainwaves’



as ‘BTLG’ launches virtually, it marks a momentous occasion for 0010×0010 and xumiiro. as technologies improve for both the creator and the audience in terms of speakers and headphones, art can now be richly and deeply immersive at home. this has led the artist to enter and become more involved in the field of interior design, both as he looks to seamlessly recreate his work in homes as well as help clients install the experiences in their own living spaces. the exhibition launch also finally announces the moment where the wider art world fully embraces its new generation, digital. and there is lots more to come.


I’m also finishing an alpha version of ‘MØNØKRØMINIMAL’, my new paint/print and sculpture installation involving 3D sound and video mapping. we will launch a teaser on spotify [only visible on mobile] using their canvas platform to give the audience an audio/visual preview of the exhibition. I think xumiiro might be the first art gallery with a record label launching an exhibition this way,‘ concludes the artist.

audio-visual artist 0010x0010 and xumiiro gallery immerse audiences at home
0010×0010 filming



exhibition info:


artist: 0010×0010

gallery: xumiiro

exhibition: BTLG