michael johansson‘s sculptures ‘some assembly required’ and ‘toys ‘r’ us’ see the swedish artist turn real forms of transport into 1:1 model kits. pieces from each vehicle are fastened together by a welded tubular frame and painted a uniform color.



1:1 model kits by michael johanssontoys ‘r’ us – dinghy scale 1:1, 2006


‘a boat and related equipment are joined together in a welded metal frame. everything is painted in a unifying plastic layer to resemble the surface of a model kit. the real boat is transformed into a model of itself, and its original purpose has given way to something else.’ more


1:1 model kits by michael johansson



1:1 model kits by michael johanssonsome assembly required – crescent scale 1:1, 2007


‘as a child I was fascinated building models. I remember breaking off the pieces from the surrounding plastic sticks that were leftover from the casting process and subsequently gluing the pieces back together in the right order by following the instruction manual. a real bike is turned back into a space of imagination. by this i wanted to address the similarities between different contexts and spin concepts such as size and belonging.’ more


1:1 model kits by michael johansson

via michael rylander



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