‘non verbal’ by cathy wilkes, 2005

earlier this week, the 2008 turner prize nominees were announced. video artist runa islam, english artist mark leckey, goshka macuga from poland and sculptor cathy wilkes were selected. the controversial contest is quite important in england and is very influential in the art market. in case you are unfamiliar with the history of the turner prize, the mori art museum in tokyo’s roppongi hills mori tower is currently showing a retrospective of past winners. the shortlisted artists of this year’s prize will all be exhibiting at the tate britain beginning on september 30, 2008. the winner will be announced on december 4th.

2008 turner prize shortlist ‘objects in relation’ installation shot by goshka macuga, 2007

2008 turner prize shortlist ‘resident poster’ & ‘felix gets broadcasted’ production still by mark leckey, 2007

2008 turner prize shortlist ‘be the first to see what you see as you see it’ film stills by runa islam , 2004