AA visiting school tells world don’t panic from vitanje, slovenia
images courtesy of ajda schmidt, rok deželak, AAVS participants




since the arrival of the cultural center of european space technologies, the tiny slovenian town of vitanje has gained a valuable landmark and tourism attraction. in july 2015, the AA visiting school held a two week design-build-make summer school program — part of london’s AA school of architecture — to help the community explore ‘nano-tourist’ strategies in relation to the KSEVT institution.

AA visiting school don't panic vitanje slovenia KSEVT
vitanje valley and surrounding pohorje hills, slovenia




in its first year of operation the KSEVT attracted over 25,000 visitors to the town, which has a local population of only 800. the 2015 program, led by AA visiting school, continued development on a series of already successful strategies unveiled throughout the year previous. a topic, local vs. planetary was presented, which opened dialogue concerning the integration of the immediate locality into the global context.


video courtesy of AD




KSEVT’s ability to generate and host social, cultural, and scientific activities was capitalized upon in the concept, which was ultimately presented as an ephemeral land installation. ‘don’t panic’, a slogan related to sci-fiction and cultural references of herman potočnik noordung, arthur c. clarke, and douglas adams was chosen for display. through collaboration between program participants and the community, the two word phrase was installed on a hillside sheep pasture overlooking the town. 

AA visiting school tells world don't panic from vitanje, slovenia
‘don’t panic’ 

the program was focused on local and planetary communication 

AA visiting school don't panic vitanje slovenia KSEVT
documentation layers 

behind the phrase 

AA visiting school tells world don't panic from vitanje, slovenia
construction took place on the 15th of july 2015 

AA visiting school don't panic vitanje slovenia KSEVT
some local kids also participated — adding their names to the global dialogue 

materialization process

landscape triangulation



project info:


name: AA visiting school slovenia: nanotourism 
year: 2015
program director: aljoša dekleva
program assistant: jakob travnik
program mentors: aljoša dekleva (dekleva gregoric architects),  michael obrist (feld72)
co-mentors: jakob travnik, blaž šef
project team: moritz oliver benatzky, asena colak, tina cerpnjak, florian hummer, gabrielle pitacco
photographs: ajda schmidt, rok deželak, AA visiting school slovenia 2015 participants



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