alex markow camouflages fluorescent painted models in psychedelic black lit room
all images courtesy of alex markow




when photographer alex markow learned that the building of primary projects in miami would be demolished, he found the perfect reason to utilize the space as a canvas for a vibrant, visual series. markow teamed up with artist magnus sodamin who created an immersive installation on site called ‘infinity split’ — an explosive floor-to-ceiling tableau occupying more than 3,000 square-feet of gallery walls. markow brought models to the installation and photographed them within the psychedelic room.


the body painted figures, covered in fluorescent paint, are camouflaged within the environment and illuminated by black lights. the collection of images — that comprise the series ‘lost in infinity split’ — ‘might be compared to an acid trip’, markow says, as the models seemingly melt into the illusion of space.