a still from ‘born with three mouths 2’ by alva bernadine all images courtesy the artist

designboom has received images the second installation to london-based photographer alva bernadine’s ‘born with three mouths’ supernatural short film series. the featured performer, hellen also known as traumata, is a body art performer who speaks about her split tongue and ability to manipulate either side of the muscle following an operation in this surrealistic interview.

to create the moving images, bernadine first films the subject, compiling footage of the individual moving his/her mouth in various formations. the photographer then develops two additional mouths in place where the subject’s eyes were once seen in the post-production program after effects. bernadine then overlays additional footage of the participant’s mouth where his/her eyes are situated on his/her face. in the final version of the film, all three mouths move in a way appearing to be independent of one another.

alva bernadine: born with three mouthsframes containing the performer’s mouth showing candy is duplicated by the photographer and placed over where her eye would be in post production

alva bernadine: born with three mouthsthe performer’s show becomes even more surreal as the various poses of her split-tongue are displayed in three separate stages.

alva bernadine: born with three mouths

alva bernadine: born with three mouths

the film contains an interview and demonstration of the impossible supernatural facial composition of this body artist