amanda mccavour: accumulation gladstone hotel café, toronto, canada on now until january 29, 2012

‘accumulation’ by amanda mccavourall images courtesy of MADE and amanda mccavour

embroidered sculpture ‘accumulation’ by toronto-based artist amanda mccavour, and curated by canadian design retailer MADE, is now on display at the gladstone hotel café in toronto. the artist produces intricate fiber-based sculpture, initially employing a sewing machine in order to manufacture her body of work. mccavour forms each piece from textile in a manner that appreciates the fragility and impermanence of her medium while also acknowledging the unique strength of the fiber remains. ‘accumulation’ seems to be drawn in air; mccavour’s thread-drawn pieces are formed over a fabric base which is then dissolved in water, where by only the embroidered images remain.

amanda mccavour: accumulation detail

amanda mccavour: accumulationinstallation view of ‘accumulation’ at the gladstone hotel café space

amanda mccavour: accumulation alternate view

amanda mccavour: accumulation ‘livingroom’, wide view photo by agata piskunowicz courtesy of ‘come up to my room’

mccavour’s work includes ‘living room’ previously exhibited as part of gladstone hotel’s annual ‘come up to my room’ event. the installation depicts a thread replica of the living room in an old apartment where the artist once resided. ‘living room’, completed on a 1:1 scale, is a temporary physical manifestation of her spacial memory.

amanda mccavour: accumulationdetailed view of ‘living room’ components: knapsack, iron and shoe components