bent-over figures form hybrid-human creatures and secret friends
all images courtesy of anahell




designboom has featured a range of projects that see the human body used as a canvas, digitally molded and physically manipulated into alternate, unusual beings. likening itself to artist sebastian bieniek’s ‘double-faced girl’ — where crudely drawn portraits drawn on female faces materialized as a two-headed humans — photographer anahell‘s series of ‘secret friends’ use simple, visual trickery to transform her friends and family members into a collection of curious creatures.


figures bent in half are photographed with the skin on their backs exposed, where anahell illustrates elementary facial features like eyes, noses and mouths. the careful placement of clothing and wigs turns these upside-down subjects into distorted living things, which bear lifelike qualities but are undeniably inhuman at the same time. ‘secret friends are playmates, reflections, villains, strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they’re alone,’ the artist says.

a scarf wraps around the back of a figure bent in half, turning the human into a curiously proportioned creature

a carefully placed wig gives the freckle-faced figure a personality 

the bent-over figure uses his strangely positioned hands to humorously apply toothpaste to his brush 

one of the ‘secret friends’ gets ready for a party with lipstick and long hair 

two blonde creatures sport high heels 

a simple ‘secret friend’ happily stays warm beneath a white duvet 

this menacing creature wears a black and white polka dot dress and has matching hair 

the bent-over person marvels at her weight on a bathroom scale 

the hair of the human model is turned into a long beard for the eccentric creature 

a crouched figure covers herself with a long black shawl 

two twin creatures wear matching outfits and hold apples 

an angry monster puts up his two fists in defense 


via [boredpanda]