andy yeung’s drone photography captures hong kong’s urban jungle
(above) urban jungle #02 | sheung wan, hong kong
image © andy yeung




hong kong is widely acknowledged for its distinct architectural identity and seemingly impenetrable urban landscape of skyscrapers. the city’s tightly-packed residential towers are some of the tallest in the world, and have been studied and documented by a range of local and international photographers for their visual and structural characteristics.


andy yeung, a photographer based in hong kong, captures the bustling metropolis from a completely new perspective for his series ‘urban jungle’. documented via a drone camera, the images depict the architectural sprawl from hundreds of meters above the earth’s surface, highlighting the extreme heights and dramatic depths covered by hong kong’s crowded cityscape. looking down at the city from above, viewers are treated to a typically unseen vantage point — one that accentuates the high-volume high-rises and their impact on the landscape. see images from ‘urban jungle’ below, and more city landscapes by andy yeung on his website here

urban jungle #01 | sheung wan, hong kong
image © andy yeung

urban jungle #03 | wan chai, hong kong
image © andy yeung

urban jungle #04 | sheung wan, hong kong
image © andy yeung

urban jungle #05 | sham shui po, hong kong
image © andy yeung


[h/t] petapixel