anish kapoor paints fleshy resin + silicone series for lisson gallery

all images © the artist; courtesy of lisson gallery, london




anish kapoor
lisson gallery, london
now through may 9, 2015



anish kapoor extends the definitions of painting and sculpture in his latest series, created for a solo show at london’s lisson gallery. the exhibition presents a collection of large-scale, seething red resin and silicon works in a rectangular format, whose intricately sculpted cavities and knotted entanglements definitively evoke the image of an open wound or internal organ. the grouping of these three-dimensional paintings dominate the main room of the exhibition space, bringing to mind both the raw internal spaces of the body and the psyche. this new body of work draws on kapoor’s own artistic history, while seeking to conjure the wider cultural reality of social and political upheaval, violence and trauma. below, in a video by the royal academy of arts, kapoor explains how the series of new paintings on show at lisson gallery relate to works he presented at the royal academy in 2009.



anish kapoor RA at lisson gallery
video courtesy of

internal objects, 2013-2015
silicone and pigment

installation view, anish kapoor at lisson gallery

lisson gallery anish kapoor
detail of ‘internal objects’

installation view, anish kapoor at lisson gallery

disrobe, 2013
silicone and pigment
140 x 188 x 55 cm


installation view, anish kapoor at lisson gallery

installation view of ‘internal objects’

silicone and pigment painting

installation view, anish kapoor at lisson gallery

shedding, 2014
silicone and pigment
235 x 199 x 65 cm